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L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire / PlayStation 4
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Civil War

Action & Adventure


Team Bondi


Rockstar Games


L.A. Noire is an action-adventure open world game developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games. It was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May, 2011, and PC in November, 2011, following a development period of more than 6 years.

The game centers on the character of Cole Phelps as he rises through the ranks of the LAPD, solving cases and arresting criminals. The game features an open world rendition of 1947 Los Angeles and uses motion scan technology to produce facial models on the game characters capable of expressing nuanced realistic emotions.


The gameplay is more or less described as an adventure game, rather than the usual Rockstar open world killfest. In this sense, it's more like Bully--still free roaming but with a stronger set of rules over the player. While searching for clues and interrogating,occasional gunplay sequences crop up. Unlike most games, the player's health is not displayed by an HUD. Instead, when the player takes damage, the game screen fades into a black and white tone. The player recovers health by taking cover and waiting a few seconds.

The first mission revealed to the press was called "The Driver's Seat". It involved the police finding an abandoned car that had its interior covered in blood. In order to carry out the investigation, the player must find clues. Unlike other games, clues don't just pop up on the HUD, but it is up to the player to search for them. Different people can find different clues, a detail that changes the way the investigation plays out. This will also affect the length of certain investigations.

Discovering clues is an important gameplay element in L.A. NoireDiscovering clues is an important gameplay element in L.A. Noire

Like your cellphone in GTA 4, the player always carries around a little notebook. Each clue, testimony and anything related to the investigation is added to the detective's little book. It will also serve as a way to display the current objectives and, like in Uncharted 2, players are able to flip through it in order to pull out viable information during testimonies, for example.

During cases the player will always start off at a crime scene. There, the player must find clues and interview victims. Most clues usually lead up to the next event in the case. Some clues can further progress the case's finish. One major clue can change the outcome of the case.

As the player progresses through the ranks, they earn "intuition points". With this they have the option to, remove an answer, show all clues, and "ask the community" (online connection required). The "show all clues" option usually can help by highlighting evidence at a crime scene. The "remove an answer" option removes wrong answers to give more chances at succeeding in interviewing a person.

Crime Desks

As the character progresses through the game, Phelps will be assigned to new desks and partners.

  • Patrol: The Patrol desk is a department of the LAPD concerned with monitoring assigned areas in Los Angeles. Phelps starts off as a police officer in this department as a "beat cop". Phelps is partnered with Ralph Dunn at the Patrol Desk.
  • Traffic: The Traffic desk is a department of the LAPD concerned with hit-and-run, felony driving, car burglaries, and car thefts. "The Fallen Idol" is one case that hits the traffic desk. This is also where Phelps is partnered with Stefan Bekowsky.
  • Homicide: The homicide desk is one of the most brutal and harrowing desks within the game, dealing with homicide. "The Silk Stocking Murder" is one of the cases at the homicide desk. Rusty Galloway is Phelps' homicide partner.
  • Vice: The Vice desk is a department of the LAPD concerned with offenses involving prostitution, drugs, lewdness, lasciviousness, and other related obscenities. Phelps is partnered with Roy Earle at the vice desk.
  • Arson: The Arson desk is a department of the LAPD concerned with maliciously, voluntarily, and willfully setting fire to another's property, or of the act of burning one's own property for an improper purpose, such as to collect the insurance. Phelps is partnered with Herschell Biggs at the arson desk.



In a departure from previous Rockstar games, the main protagonist of L.A. Noire is righteous, and regularly finds himself in conflict with others who are less inclined to follow the rules. Cole Phelps is an honest detective, out to solve crimes and let the law do what it does best -- prosecute the offenders. In spite of that, he's not perfect. He has his failings, like any man, and it is they that drive him to try to hold himself and the world around him to the highest possible standard.

Cole doesn't start the game as a successful detective. His beginnings lie in the role of a street cop working the beat, responding to everyday crimes whenever they happen. The more he works, though, the more opportunities he has to hone his investigative skills and impress his superiors, earning him progressively nicer desks back at Police HQ. With each promotion comes new responsibilities in new areas of police expertise, taking him from traffic all the way through arson. Each change in desk also brings a new partner, some of who are more trustworthy than others.


L.A. Noire is set in 1947 Los Angeles and draws heavily from both plot and aesthetic elements of film noir--stylistic films from the 1940s and 1950s that shared similar visual styles and themes including crime, sex, and moral ambiguity, and were often shot in black and white with harsh, low-key lighting. The game uses a distinctive coloring-style that pays homage to the visual style of film noir. A post-war setting is the backdrop for plot elements that reference the detective films of the '40s, such as political corruption and drugs, with a classic jazz soundtrack.

Ninety percent of Los Angeles' buildings and signage are recreated in the game, with design and typography choices hearkening back to the advertising of the time period. Additionally, even the jingles playing on the car radios are authentic to that time, advertising products and offering public service messages one would have heard while listening to the radio during the 40's.


Patrol Desk

Cole Phelps, before he becomes a detective.Cole Phelps, before he becomes a detective.

Cole Phelps starts out as a beat cop, working the streets after being awarded the Silver Star during the second World War. This part of the game serves as a tutorial, teaching players about the game's different mechanics.

Buyer Beware

A shooting happens in broad daylight in front of a shoe store, and Phelps takes the Case. The victim is Everett Gage, the owner of the shoe shop. After interrogating one of the clerks, Clovis Galletta, it is revealed that a man by the name of Edgar Kalou may be behind it. After a short chase sequence, Phelps catches Kalou and proceeds to interrogate him. It is revealed that Galletta was about to buy something at Kalou's jewelry store before Gage sent her back to work. That Gage had just ruined his sale paired with Gage's reputation for being anti-jewish, Kalou murdered him in cold blood. It is implied that Kalou is sentenced to the gas chamber.

Impressed by Cole's skills, James Donnelly, captain of the homicide division, promotes Phelps to the traffic division.

Traffic Desk

Promoted to Traffic, Phelps is paired with Stefan Bekowsky.

The Driver's Seat

The case begins with an abandoned, blood-filled vehicle found in a train yard. After some research, Phelps discovers that the car is owned by one Adrian Black. His research also yields a bloody pipe and a receipt for a live hog. Phelps and Bekowsky go and visit the owner's wife, Margaret Black. There the two officers discover that the couple have a miserable marriage and that Mr. Black is having an affair. It's also made clear at this point that the bloodied pipe actually came from the house. The two detectives then go to interrogate Frank Morgan, the man who sold the hog to Black. Here players learn that Adrian Black is not dead, but instead faked his own death by covering his car in swine blood with plans to flee town. Phelps catches Black before he can leave town, and jails him for wasting police resources.

Consul's Car (PS3 Exclusive)

Phelps and Bekowsky must investigate on the disappearance of L.A.'s consul of Argentina's car.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

A hit and run is reported at Ray's Cafe. A married man, Lester Pattison, is found dead after being hit by a car. After snooping around, Phelps finds a an insurance letter inside the man's coat and a bloodied knife in a garbage can. He also learns that Lester and his wife, Lorna, were having an argument just before the accident. The detectives visit Lorna Pattison who seems unfazed with the news of her husband's death. Phelps eventually hunts down the driver who killed Lester who reveals that Lester was already dead before the car hit him. The morgue confirms that Lester's cause of death was from knife wounds. Phelps goes back to the Pattison residence and deduces that Lorna killed her husband with another man, Leroy Sabo, so the two could get the insurance and start a joint business venture. Sabo kills Lorna after she spills the beans, but is either arrested or killed by Phelps.

A Slip of the Tongue (DLC)

One of the pre-order DLC cases (also available for separate purchase)

One of the pre-order DLC cases (also available for separate purchase)

A stolen car is spotted and Phelps and Bekowsky are sent to intercept it. After a short car chase, the detectives manage to stop the car, owned by a young man named Cliff Harrison. He assures the police that he legally bought the car at a used car dealership and produces the pink slip to prove it, but fled because of drugs stored in the glove compartment. Phelps investigates the used car dealership where he finds out that the car was sold by a woman named Jean Archer, and that the pink slips were made by the Marquee Printing Company. The car sold by Jean was also registered to an empty lot. A man named Belasco is arrested for grand theft auto and it becomes clear that he and Jean belong to the same car smuggling ring. Phelps later finds and arrests Jean who was trying to scam the smuggling ring by selling the cars. She tells the detectives where the cars are stored and after a shoot out, they find and interrogate the chief of the warehouse who reveals that Marquee Printing Company is behind the smuggling ring. Due to the fact that the company's boss, Levitol, is neck deep in gambling debts, he started to sell pink slips to the mafia for profit. He is later arrested for fraud.

The Fallen Idol

The case opens with a car being driven over a cliff. The two passengers, B-movie actress June Ballard and 15 year old Jessica Hamilton, survive the crash. June tells the detectives she thinks that movie producer Mark Bishop is behind the murder attempt since he didn't want to cast her in his new movie. Jessica also points at Bishop as the culprit, but she adds an accusation of rape to June's attempted murder allegation. Phelps goes to the Hamilton residence only to find it ransacked, the wife explaining that she does not know the whereabouts of her husband. The detectives go to prop set where they discover that Bishop is running an underground pornographic network. Before they can learn more, Roy Earle from Ad Vice intervenes, saying that the owner of the prop shop is in fact an informant. Phelps isn't the only one looking for Bishop, but so is the local mafia. Bishop is finally found on the set for a movie titled "Intolerance" and after a shoot out with the mob, he's arrested for rape.

Due to Phelps' successes, he is promoted to homicide.

Homicide Desk

A grisly murder scene.

A grisly murder scene.

The cases on the homicide desk share the same theme, centering around a single serial killer who focuses on drunk women. In the process of murdering his victims, the killer also strips them of their clothes and leaves weird writings on their bodies. Nicknamed the "Werewolf", this killer is based on a real life serial killer who terrorized L.A. in the late 40's. He was also commonly referred to as the Dahlia killer.

Phelps investigates the murder of 4 women during the cases "The Red Lipstick Murder", "The Golden Butterfly", "The Silk Stocking Murder", "The White Shoe Slaying" and "The Studio Secretary Murder". Each time the victims are women who were having conflictual relationships with their husbands, and were murdered late at night while drunk. Because the murder weapon is always found, Phelps always convicts someone. He is pushed by Donnelly to convict communists and child molesters to grab headlines, while the evidence usually points more towards the husbands of the victims. It is worth noting that enough evidence exists for a conviction to go either way.

The murder mystery ends with the case called "The Quarter Moon Murders". The killer, to show his power and cunning, as well as test both the mental and physical skills of Detective Phelps, leads him through L.A. with poems and personal items that belong to each of his victims. He leaves these things in dangerous, difficult to reach places in famous Los Angeles landmarks, such as the Hall of records and the Westlake Tar Pits. The case ends in the Christ Crown of Thorns church, where it's revealed that a bartender, who worked at different jobs through a temp agency and had been interviewed briefly by Phelps earlier in the investigation, is in fact the murderer. He studied each of the victims before murdering them, a process that allowed him to pin the crime on someone else. The killer is shot dead by Phelps but Donnelly arrives and tells Phelps that the public can not know who the real killer was as the killer was the son of an important politician running for election.

At the personal request of vice detective Roy Earle, Phelps is moved off the homicide desk to administrative vice where he becomes Earle's partner.

Vice Cases

Another investigation.

Another investigation.

The Black Caesar

Two junkies are found dead after taking army surplus morphine and seemed to have been engaged in illegal rackets. Phelps tracks the morphine back to a popcorn stand just outside the Hotel and gets into a small chase when the owner decides to make a run for it rather than answer some questions. After a short interrogation the stand owner fingers his supplier as Jermaine Jones a talent agent. In addition to giving up his supplier when put under a bit more pressure he also mentions the owner of the racketeering business as a slick fellow by the name of Merlon. Phelps and Roy visit the talent agency and find out Jermaine Jones buys his morphine from Merlon Otis who runs an illegal betting operation for a Jewish mobster by the name of Finkelstein. They also find out that Ramez Removals has close links to Vinny the Fink and clues Phelps onto another line of investigation. Next they visit Merlon Otis who also makes a run for it and has to be to chased down before they can interrogate him. Otis says that he moves the dope that Jose Ramez brings around who in turn gets the dope from the mob. The next stop is Ramez Removals where the detectives pick up some clues leading them to an ice company. The ice company in turn is just a front for the local mob, and is run by Mickey Coen's brother in law, Finkelstein. Phelps kills all the mobsters and finds the stash of army surplus morphine that was stolen off the navy ship in the beginning of the year, putting an end to the illegal morphine distribution.

The Set-Up

Boxer Albert Hammond wins a match that he was originally supposed to lose. He quickly takes flight, and Phelps must try to find him before the mob guns him down. Through some detective work at Hammonds hotel Phelps makes a connection between the boxer and a Candy Edwards with whom he had been having relations. Upon visiting the girl the two detectives find her in an altercation with an Italian gangster that Phelps knocks out in a fist fight. A quick sweep of the room reveals travel tickets, a packed suitcase and a list of possible bookies found in the jacket of the unconscious goon, along with a nasty looking knife. The duo question Candy, but as she proves uncooperative they decide to tail her instead hoping she'll lead them to Hammond. It's revealed that Candy visits all the bookies in town and cleans them out. She is the one who planned on Hammond throwing the match, and bet the other way. After tailing Candy to a bus station Cole observes her from afar while Roy suggests he had seen Hammond and goes after him. Shortly after she walks into the station bathroom a gunshot is heard . Quickly arriving at the scene Candy is found bleeding profusely from a chest wound and shortly after dies - an open window suggesting the way of the killers getaway. The two suspect that Hammond got greedy and used his girl as a baglady then killed her to collect all the winnings for himself. While heading towards the last clue pointing to Hammonds location, the coroner radios Cole to let him know that Candy died as a result of a knife wound, making the pistol found at the scene hers and pointing out the killer as a certain Italian goon with a knack for beating women and carrying switchblades. After a quick gun fight with the Italian mob intent on killing Hammond and making off with all the money themselves the detectives confronts Albert who explains his past in the military and how his honor, the last thing he had left, wouldn't let him lose. Having experienced a similar situation himself in the past, Phelps understands how important second chances are to a man and decides to let him go, ending the case.

The Naked City (DLC)

Phelps and Earle must investigate the death of Julia Randall, a beautiful model who appears to have overdosed on morphine. However, the bruises all over her body lend a suspicion of murder, and despite being single she wears a suspicious looking ring on her hand. After learning that Randall was on medication, Phelps and Earle pay a visit to her physician, a Dr. Stoneman who at first lies about her prescription, then reveals that Julia was one of the self-destructive types who tried to live life fast and make a name for herself in the City of Angels. The detectives then visit a tailor where Julia did modeling. Heather Swanson, one of the employees at the shop reveals that Julia was modeling for her fiancee, Henry Arnett. After interrogating Henry, it's revealed that Julia was both having an affair with Henry, and she was murdered. Phelps decides to tail Henry and finds out that he's trying to pawn contraband and leave for New Mexico. The contraband used to belong to Mrs Evestrom, who is also Heather Swanson's mother. Her things were robbed from her home while she was at Dr Stoneman's party. Phelps senses that something is wrong and goes to Arnett's apartment just in time to see a man who goes by "Willy" first beat up Arnett and then escape. Arnett spills the beans, explaining that he, Julia, Stoneman and Willy were all part of a robbery ring. The doctor would organize parties while the 3 others would rob the guests' homes. However, Julia wanted out, leading Arnett and Willy to murdering her, and Willy beating up Arnett in fear that he would give him up. Arnett is arrested, Stoneman commits suicide and Willy is killed by Phelps.

Manifest Destiny

A shooting occurs in the 111 Club where a former squadmate of Phelps who had just purchases the establishment is shot dead. Here it is revealed that the morphine is still in circulation and has started a war between the gang controlled by Mickey Cohen and a former marine unit. It's discovered that the morphine was in fact stolen from the army by a soldier named Courtney Sheldon and a group of his former squadmates from Okinawa. Through the manipulation of Dr. Harlan Fontaine, Sheldon gives up the morphine thinking Fontaine will use it to aid returned soldiers by building homes for them where they can rest after the horrors of war. However, he wound up involved with crime boss Mickey Cohen who wishes to turn a profit by watering the morphine down and selling it on the streets. Through the course of the early investigation Phelps meets and questions Elsa Lichtman whom he becomes enamored with leading to an affair. Meanwhile Sheldon enacts the help of his former squadmates as well as that of Jack Kelso to scare off the mobsters from moving in on the morphine - which prompts the mob to put out a hit list on all the former servicemen. Phelp's former squad mates begin getting killed off by mobsters one by one and through various clues picked up along the way he's able to make a connection back to Sheldon with proof to pin the morphine heist on him. Meanwhile a man by the name of Stoker is leaking information about LA's famous madame Brenda and the services she provides for both the LAPD and high officials alike. In a secret meeting with the chief of police and district attorney among others, Roy proposes to make Phelps the sacrificial lamb for the press by airing his infidelity with the German singer Elsa Lichtman which would draw the heat away from the LAPD and other officials involved in the prostitution Brenda scandal. Just as Phelps is about to crack Sheldon and get a confession out of him he's summoned by top ranking LAPD officials and suspended for adultery, stating that a criminal cannot be an LAPD officer. The information is leaked to the journalists and his wife throws him out of the house, leaving him no other place to turn to than the source of all this trouble - the apartment of Elsa Lichtman. While awaiting a peer review Phelps is demoted to the undesirable arson desk assignment and partnered with Herchel Biggs, who much like the rest of the LAPD that has found out about his infidelity with a German woman treats him with open hostility and disregard.

Arson Desk

The Gas Man

Phelps and Biggs

Phelps and Biggs

Phelps investigates the burning of two houses. He learns that both houses were in the way of a redevelopment fund planning to build houses for GIs. Both houses also used the same gas filters that came from Instaheat factory. While investigating at the factory, Phelps learns that Instaheat is hiring criminals and that one of the employees burned the houses by reversing the gas filters and mosquito coils. Phelps arrests Walter Clemens and Matthew Ryan. Both are anarchists and both have a criminal past. The player must choose which of the two criminals that he wants to convict.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

Another house fire is assigned to Phelps and looks extremely familiar to the last two arsons. Like before, the house was supposed to be bought by Elysian Fields for the redevelopment fund. Phelps decides to go and investigate Elysian Fields and meets Leland Monroe, the CEO. He denies trying to chase away the final home owners by burning their houses. Meanwhile, the police department presses Cole to stop following the Elysian lead. Cole ends up killing the arsonist after an epic tram chase. However, he is unable to link the arsonist to Elysian.

After the case, Roy visits Phelps to tell him to stay away from Elysian. Frustrated, Phelps discovers that one of Elsa's friends died while working for Elysian on the GI redevelopment fund. Because Elsa was his beneficiary, she received a large sum of money from the insurance company. Phelps decides that Elsa should go see Jack Kelso, a private investigator working for an insurance company called California Life and Fire to discover how her friend died, and why such a big sum of money was offered to her. At this point, the player plays as Kelso.

House of Sticks

Jack makes an investigation into the houses built by the redevelopment fund and discovers that they are constructed from bad wood found in an abandoned movie studio. Jack also discovers that many of L.A.'s top men are involved, including the mayor, Kelso's boss Curtis Benson, the chief of police, and Dr. Harlan Fontaine. As he is investigating however, Jack is kidnapped by Benson's men but he manages to escape before they can execute him.

Nicholson Electroplating (DLC)

At 9:45 in the morning, a thunderous explosion rocks Los Angeles. City blocks are flattened while smoke and ash fill the air. Detectives Phelps and Biggs race to the site of the former Nicholson Electroplating plant to find a pile of unanswered questions. What caused the explosion? What was the current project being worked on by Nicholson's employees? And where are chief chemist Dr Harold McLellan and his mysterious female assistant?

A Polite Invitation

Jack Kelso

Jack Kelso

Jack pays a visit to Benson and discovers the conspiracy behind the redevelopment fund. The houses are being built out of crap wood so they can then be burned down. Thanks to an extremely high insurance rate, Elysian Fields hits the jackpot each and every time. They hand the money out to their stock owners, who just happen to be the mayor, Benson and the other top men. The redevelopment fund was financed thanks to the stolen morphine given to Dr. Fontaine by Courtney, who entrusted him with it to avoid trouble with the mob. Kelso enlists the help of Phelps and together, they plan to stop the dastardly plan and save Elsa, who's been kidnapped by Elysian's arsonist. The arsonist also also kills Dr. Fontaine.

A Different Kind of War

Jack attempts to find the person who kidnapped Elsa. He goes to Westlake Pest Control to find the address of the kidnapper. The story then switches to Phelps' investigation on the kidnapping of Elsa, which occurred on the day before Jack's investigation. During the investigation, Phelps learns that the matchstick houses are being built along the patch of the to-be-built freeway. He realizes that the housing fraud is not about insurance, it's about eminent domain.

The story then switches back to Jack, as he arrives at the kidnapper's house in Rancho Rincon. Jack investigates the empty house and discovers the kidnapper-arsonist is Ira Hogeboom, a former war buddy. Jack calls Phelps, telling him to rendevous at the LA river tunnels where Ira is hiding out. Phelps meets up with Jack en route to the tunnels, as Jack is being hunted by the police. Together they escape their pursuers, and then split up to search the tunnels for Ira and Elsa. Shortly thereafter, the assistant DA arrives, followed by the police chief who confronts him. The assistant DA threatens the chief over being potentially involved in the ballooning scandal, to which the chief offers to make a deal. The assistant DA steps in to listen.

Meanwhile, once caught up with Ira, Jack understands that Ira, still wearing his full combat gear, is suffering from uncontrollable flashbacks from the Battle of Okinawa. Cole then arrives and leads Elsa to safety, while Ira consents to let Jack shoot him dead to put him out of his misery. As the sewer begins to rapidly flood with torrential rainwater, the group manage to locate a manhole above them. Cole refuses to leave until he has helped everyone else climb out of the flooding tunnel, and then having no one left to lift him to safety, only looks up and says goodbye. He is then swept away by the water for good.

At Cole's funeral, Roy, barely able to supress his snear, gives a speech full of phony condolences and tributes to the late Cole Phelps, as though Cole were his dear friend. Unable to stand it, Elsa jumps to her feet, curses Roy, and storms out in tears and disgust. The Chief of Police, the new DA, Roy, and the other conspirators comfortably disregard her. Biggs rises to go after her, and Jack can only sit and watch.

After the credits end, a flashback plays depicting the fateful scene where Courney comes upon the idea of stealing the Army morphine to profit him and his unit, a group of men who otherwise have little to look forward to in civilian life. Courtney excitedly proclaims that the drug money will "give them the future they deserve". Jack is the only one among the group to reject the plot as betrayal of their honor, foreshadowing the eventual conflict that the drugs would bring, destroying nearly all of the men.

Street Crimes - Unassigned Cases

Along with the Crime Desks that are explained above, players have the option to respond to radio calls that allow them to go to crimes in progress throughout the open-world environment. Some may remember this mechanic from the True Crime series. This allows players to take on extra side missions that can be completed while they are also heavily involved in the story. Each case is usually resolved within about 5 minutes and vary from shoot outs to chase sequences.

Unlike the story cases, players are not graded according to performance, but just have to finish the case to gain 15 XP. All the cases can be done again in free roam and the different desk assignments have different cases. There are 40 unassigned cases in all. Cases can be replayed at any point and will remain on the map with a white street crime icon; but unplayed cases appear with a red icon. After completing all street crime cases on a desk while in Free Roam mode, a message will appear saying the desk is complete.

Traffic Desk

Amateur Hour Burglary 829 Olive Street (Sillman's Jewelry Store) <img src=<img src="">
Army Surplus   540 West Ninth Street (Uncle Sam's Army Surplus) <img src=<img src="">
Boxing Clever Burglary 267 South Main (Goldberg's Drug Store) <img src=<img src="">


Cosmic Rays Disturbance Seventh and Flower Street <img src=<img src="">
Death from Above Shots Fired Shatto and Valencia (Wilshire District) <img src=<img src="">
Gangfight Disturbance 1624 West Third Street <img src=<img src="">
Hotel Bandits Armed Robbery 437 Eighnth Street (Bristol Hotel) <img src=<img src="">
Hung Out to Dry Burglary 536 South Figueroa (Hoelcher's Textile) <img src=<img src="">
Masked Gunman Burglary Sixth and Ceres (Warehouse District) <img src=<img src="">
Pawnshop Holdup Armed Robbery 333 South Main Street (Globe Loan and Jewelry) <img src=<img src="">
Shoo-Shoo Bandits Armed Robbery Third and Hill Street (Angels Flight) <img src=<img src="">
Theater Robbery Armed Robbery 933 South Broadway (United Artist Theatre) <img src=<img src="">

Homicide Desk

Bank Job Armed Robbery Seventh and Olive (Bank of America) <img src=<img src="">
Bowling Lane Robbery Armed Robbery Ninth and Grand (Rawling's Bowling Alley) <img src=<img src="">
Canned Fish Suspicious Activity 111 South Almeda <img src=<img src="">
Cop Killer Shot Shot Fired Sixth Street and Lindley Place <img src=<img src="">
Death Plunge Suspicious Activity Eighth and Hope (First Methodist Church) <img alt="<img src="">" src="" sizes="(max-width: 3